What Kind Of Dog Is Hooch From Turner And Hooch

What breed of dog is Hooch from Turner and Hooch? When I think of iconic movie duos, one pair that always comes to mind is Turner and Hooch. Turner, played by Tom Hanks, is the …

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What breed of dog is Hooch from Turner and Hooch?

When I think of iconic movie duos, one pair that always comes to mind is Turner and Hooch. Turner, played by Tom Hanks, is the charismatic and slightly uptight detective who finds himself paired with an unexpected sidekick – a slobbery and lovable dog named Hooch. Throughout the movie, their partnership proves to be both chaotic and heartwarming, making it a favorite among dog lovers and movie enthusiasts alike.

But have you ever wondered what kind of dog Hooch actually is? The answer may surprise you.

Hooch is often referred to as a “Dogue de Bordeaux” or Bordeaux Mastiff. This breed originated in France and is known for its imposing size and powerful build. With their wrinkled skin, droopy jowls, and expressive eyes, Dogue de Bordeaux dogs have a distinct appearance that is hard to miss. They are also known for their deep, rumbling bark, which plays a significant role in the movie.

As a devoted companion and loyal protector, Hooch embodies the characteristics of a true Bordeaux Mastiff. Despite his intimidating size, he quickly wins over the hearts of both Turner and the audience with his unwavering loyalty and gentle nature. Hooch’s playful antics and unwavering devotion bring a sense of warmth and comic relief to the movie.

While Hooch’s breed may be seen as unconventional for a police dog, it only adds to the charm and uniqueness of the film. The contrast between Turner’s organized and structured life and Hooch’s unpredictable and goofy behavior creates a delightful juxtaposition that drives the story forward.

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Throughout the movie, Hooch’s presence serves as a reminder of the value and joy that can come from unexpected friendships. As Turner’s initial annoyance turns into genuine affection, the bond between man and dog becomes an integral part of the narrative.

So, the next time you watch Turner and Hooch, take a moment to appreciate the role that Hooch, the lovable Dogue de Bordeaux, plays in the story. From his slobbery kisses to his protective nature, Hooch is an unforgettable character who adds heart and humor to this classic buddy cop film.

In conclusion, Hooch from Turner and Hooch is a Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as Bordeaux Mastiff. His presence in the movie brings humor, warmth, and a unique dynamic to the story. Whether you’re a fan of dogs or movies, Hooch’s character is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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