What Wine Goes With Tacos

The desire to enjoy a delicious taco with a matching glass of wine that elevates the meal is a common one. Being an enthusiast of both wine and tacos, and considering myself quite knowledgeable in …

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The desire to enjoy a delicious taco with a matching glass of wine that elevates the meal is a common one. Being an enthusiast of both wine and tacos, and considering myself quite knowledgeable in this area, I’ve spent many hours exploring the intricate flavors and textures of both. I’m excited to share my insights and recommendations on the perfect wine to pair with tacos today.

Understanding the Flavor Profiles

Before we delve into specific wine pairings, it’s important to understand the flavor profiles of tacos. Tacos are incredibly versatile, with a wide range of flavors that can vary depending on the fillings and toppings. From tangy salsas to spicy meats and creamy guacamole, tacos offer a delightful mix of savory, tangy, and spicy flavors.

Now, let’s explore some popular taco types and their ideal wine companions:

1. Grilled Chicken Tacos:

Grilled chicken tacos are a classic favorite, offering a perfect balance of smoky and savory flavors. To complement the charred notes and tender chicken, a light-bodied white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or a dry Rosé works wonders. These wines add brightness and acidity to cut through the richness of the grilled chicken.

2. Fish Tacos:

With their delicate flavors and crispy textures, fish tacos call for a refreshing and vibrant wine. A crisp and zesty white wine like Albariño or Vermentino pairs beautifully, enhancing the flavors of the fish without overpowering them. For those who prefer red wine, a fruity and light-bodied Pinot Noir can also be a great choice.

3. Carne Asada Tacos:

Carne Asada tacos, featuring marinated and grilled steak, deserve a bold and robust wine companion. A medium-bodied red wine like Malbec or Tempranillo complements the rich and smoky flavors of the grilled steak. These wines provide a perfect balance with their dark fruit flavors and velvety tannins.

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4. Vegetarian Tacos:

For those who prefer vegetarian tacos, the wine pairing possibilities are just as exciting. Light-bodied red wines like Gamay or Grenache can enhance the earthy flavors of grilled vegetables, while a crisp and herbaceous white wine like Grüner Veltliner or Chenin Blanc can bring out the freshness of the veggies.

Experimenting with Pairings

While the suggestions above provide a starting point, it’s important to remember that personal taste preferences play a significant role. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different wine pairings to find your perfect match. For example, if you’re a fan of spicy tacos, a slightly off-dry Riesling can help cool down the heat and complement the flavors.

Additionally, consider the salsa or sauce you plan to enjoy with your tacos. A tangy and spicy salsa may call for a wine with a touch of sweetness, while a creamy sauce might pair better with a fuller-bodied white wine.

The Joy of Pairing

Pairing wine with tacos is not just about finding the perfect match; it’s about enhancing the overall dining experience. The right wine can elevate the flavors of the tacos, creating a harmonious balance that brings out the best in both the food and the wine.

So, the next time you indulge in a plate of mouthwatering tacos, don’t forget to grab a bottle of wine that complements the flavors and enhances your enjoyment. Cheers!


Pairing wine with tacos may seem like an unconventional combination, but it’s a delightful journey of exploration and discovery. Whether you opt for a traditional pairing or decide to explore more adventurous options, the key is to embrace your personal preferences and enjoy the process. So, gather your friends, savor each bite of your favorite tacos, and raise a glass to elevate your dining experience to new heights.

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