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The Top 4 Best Moscato Wine Kits

Best Moscato Wine KitsMoscato has become a very popular wine recently. So what are the best Moscato wine kits? First, let’s talk a little bit about Moscato. Demand for Moscato has been on the rise lately. It’s a sweeter, lighter-bodied wine with typically a lower alcohol content. It’s a sweet Italian wine known for its fruity notes. It is produced from the Muscat grape and is often thought of as a dessert wine. Sometimes it is slightly fizzy. The low alcohol content makes Moscato a great dessert drink for casual sipping or the perfect addition to a brunch-time spritzer that won’t derail your entire day. Find the best Moscato wine kits below.

If you don’t have all the equipment you need to make wine fear not. We have you covered. Check out the wine ingredient kits listed at the bottom of this post to help you get started making wine at home today. Learn how to make wine here.

Also, be sure to check out our article on the best wine making kits to see other varietals.

The Best Moscato Wine Kit – World Vineyard California Moscato

This California Moscato has flavors of succulent peach and juicy tropical fruit flavors. You will definitely love this Moscato wine kit. It’s easy to see why Moscato is one of the top-selling white wines in North America. You will be happy to sip this light and sweet wine at any time of year. With this kit, you can produce a delicious Moscato in as little as 4 weeks. Light bodied, deliciously sweet, and 8.5% alcohol. This kit will produce 30 bottles of Moscato. This is one of the best Moscato wine kits that you can buy online. Get the World Vineyard California Moscato wine kit.

Wild Grapes California Moscato

A California Moscato wine kit with hints of peaches and tropical fruit flavors. It’s a luscious, fruity, and delightfully juice wine. This sweet white wine comes out to 8.5% alcohol as is. You can boost this by adding additional sugar if you would like. Wild Grapes uses only the highest quality ingredients. This kit makes up to 6 gallons of wine. That’s 30 bottles. The kit even includes labels for your wine bottles. You’ll get all of the ingredients you need to make a quality Moscato wine at home including the wine base, yeast, and fining agents. This is one of the best Moscato wine kits available. Get the Wild Grapes California Moscato wine kit here.

World Vineyard Pink Moscato From California

This Pink Moscato from World Vineyards is heavenly. This is a 6-gallon kit, enough to fill 30 bottles. This wine can be ready to bottle in as little as 4 weeks. When you talk about the best Moscato Wine Kits you can’t leave out Winexpert. This Pink Moscato is light and refreshing. It has flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and sweet cherry. This is a light-bodied wine that is deliciously sweet. This wine comes out to about 8.5% alcohol by volume. The kit includes 30 bottle labels. Get the World Vineyard Pink Moscato From California wine kit here.

Winemaker’s Reserve Moscato

Master Vintner’s goal is to make every home winemaker a great winemaker. That’s why they source the best grapes from the world’s top wine regions. It’s all about quality. This is a fresh and vibrant white wine with aromas of pineapple, white grape, and dried fruit. Make 6 gallons of a luscious wine that will leave you begging for another sip. Pair with melon wrapped in prosciutto and watch your party guest enjoy. Serve quite cool for a refreshing and zesty experience, or use as a base for white Sangria for a real crowd-pleaser.

Get the Winemaker’s Reserve Moscato wine kit here.

Don’t forget – Wine Equipment Kits

In order to make any of the kits above you need a wine equipment kit. The kits above only include the fruit juice (or concentrate) flavoring and the necessary additives to make the wine. You’ll need at least a 6-gallon bucket, a 6-gallon glass carboy, a bung with an airlock, and a siphon. We’ve included some 6-gallon wine equipment kits below if you are looking to get started making wine.

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