one gallon wine making kit

One Gallon Wine Ingredient Kit

A One Gallon Wine Ingredient Kit comes with everything you need to produce a gallon of delicious wine. Your kit will include the juice or concentrate, additives, and yeast necessary to create your wine. Plus the kits come with easy to read directions that will ensure your wine comes out perfect. Many of these kits will be complete in as little as 4 weeks. Check out the best one gallon wine ingredient kits below.

For those who are newer to winemaking please be sure to check out how to make wine for more information to get you started.

The Best One Gallon Wine Ingredient Kit


Don’t forget – Wine Equipment Kits

In order to make any of the kits above you need a wine equipment kit. The kits above only include the fruit juice (or concentrate) flavoring and the necessary additives to make the wine. You’ll need at least a 1-gallon bucket, a 1-gallon glass carboy, a bung with an airlock, and a siphon. We’ve included some 1-gallon wine equipment kits below if you are looking to get started making wine.

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