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What is a Wine Aerator? The top 10 Best Aerators

So what is a wine aerator and why would you want to use one? Wine aerators are popular devices in many restaurants and for plenty of home wine enthusiasts. Wine aerators can make your bottle of wine live up to its price tag. Some people like to combine an aerator with a decanter for the best experience. We’ll leave that up to you to decide.  In this post, we’ll focus mostly on wine aerators, what they are, and why you should use them. If you are a wine drinker or you like to make your own wine, you can benefit from one of these.

What is a Wine Aerator?

What is a Wine AeratorWine aerators are devices that help to filter air into the wine at serving time. In most cases, the air is the enemy of wine. That’s why wine bottles are sealed. Some think that corks are designed to let in small amounts of air but for the most part, winemakers attempt to keep air out of their wine for good reason. It will spoil the wine. Some wines are even filled with an inert gas such as CO2 to keep out oxygen.

However, at serving time, mixing in air with the wine can be quite delightful. Wine can aerate itself if you let it sit in a decanter for a couple of hours but if you really want to get a good mixture of air in your wine then you want to try a wine aerator. Wine aerators help to accelerate the process of mixing the air into the wine.

What are the Benefits of a Wine Aerator?

If you are like me, then you are probably curious as to why adding air to a glass of wine could be beneficial. We’ll talk a little bit about what you can get from your wine when you use an aerator. Many would think that letting the wine breathe would actually cause it to lose many of its undertones and distinct flavors. However, the opposite is quite true. If you allow the wine contents to mix with the air you will get a much smoother, richer taste from your wine.

A wine aerator used together with a decanter will give you the best mixture of flavor and aroma that you want from your high-quality wines. You will accentuate the unique characteristics of the wine you have chosen by aerating it.

What Type of Wines Should I Aerate?

the best red wine is aerated

You really only need to aerate Red Wines. At that, dry full-bodied red wines will benefit the most from aeration. Sweet red wines tend to mask the flavor of the tannins so that you don’t get the same benefits when using an aerator. White wines do not need to be aerated. White wines can be served in a decanter if you wish but this is mostly for show. White wines do not benefit as much from the introduction of oxygen into the mix. The same could be said for other wines such as fruit wine. The sweeter flavors of the fruit wine do not really benefit from aeration.

How to Use a Wine Aerator

If you really want to appreciate the subtle flavors of your favorite red wine then you are going to want to use an aerator. There are a couple of different styles of aerators on the market and available online or at your favorite wine store. Some are just standard bottle attachments that mix air into your wine while pouring. There are some that are stands or devices that you pour the wine through and into the glass.

Then there are fancy electronic devices that siphon the wine out of the bottle and mix it with air for you. These devices are pretty straight forward. If you have a manual aerator you simply pour the wine using the device. If you have an. electronic version then there is a button you use to pour the wine.

What are the Best Wine Aerators?

When searching for an aerator you don’t want to get stuck with something that won’t get the job done. We’ve put together a list of the best wine aerators below. You can’t go wrong with any of these. From the electric to the manual you will get great results from your next bottle of red wine.

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