Where To Buy Riedel Wine Glasses

When it comes to enjoying a good glass of wine, the vessel from which you drink can make all the difference. For me, Riedel wine glasses have always been a game changer in terms of …

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When it comes to enjoying a good glass of wine, the vessel from which you drink can make all the difference. For me, Riedel wine glasses have always been a game changer in terms of enhancing the overall wine-drinking experience. The craftsmanship and specific designs for different grape varietals bring out the best in each wine. If you’re on the hunt for where to buy Riedel wine glasses, here are some of my favorite spots to find these exquisite pieces.

Directly from Riedel

One of the best places to find an extensive collection of Riedel wine glasses is directly from the Riedel website. Not only can you shop from the comfort of your own home, but you’ll also have access to the full range of Riedel products, including limited edition pieces and special offers. I’ve found that buying directly from the source ensures authenticity and quality.

Specialty Kitchenware Stores

If you prefer a hands-on shopping experience, specialty kitchenware stores are a fantastic option. These stores often carry a curated selection of Riedel glassware, and the staff are usually very knowledgeable and can provide great recommendations based on your specific needs. Over the years, I’ve built a rapport with the staff at my local kitchenware store, and they always keep me in the loop about the latest Riedel releases.

Wine and Spirits Shops

Believe it or not, some wine and spirits shops carry a range of Riedel wine glasses alongside their selections of fine wines. I find this to be a convenient option, as I can peruse the glassware while also selecting a bottle of wine to complement my new purchase. It’s like a one-stop shop for all my wine-related needs!

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Online Retailers

The world of online retail offers a plethora of options when it comes to purchasing Riedel wine glasses. Websites like Amazon, Williams Sonoma, and Sur La Table often have a wide variety of Riedel glassware available for purchase. Plus, reading reviews from other wine enthusiasts can be helpful in making a decision. I must admit, I enjoy the convenience and ease of having these delicate glasses delivered right to my doorstep.

Local Wineries

Some local wineries also stock Riedel wine glasses in their tasting rooms or gift shops. This can be a unique way to acquire Riedel glassware while also supporting local businesses. I’ve stumbled upon some exclusive Riedel pieces at wineries that have become cherished additions to my collection.


Ultimately, the quest to find the perfect Riedel wine glasses can be an enjoyable one, full of discovery and anticipation. Whether you choose to shop directly from Riedel, visit specialty stores, explore online retailers, or seek out local options, the right wine glasses can truly elevate your wine enjoyment to new heights. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a set of Riedel wine glasses – your wine and your palate will thank you!

John has been a hobbyist winemaker for several years, with a few friends who are winery owners. He writes mostly about winemaking topics for newer home vintners.
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