How Much Champagne For Mimosa Bar

In setting up a mimosa bar, it’s essential to consider how much champagne you’ll need. As someone who loves organizing brunches, I’ve gone through many experiments and lessons in figuring out this very issue. Therefore, I want to share my experience and some tips to help you figure out the perfect amount of champagne for your mimosa bar.

The Basics of a Mimosa Bar

A mimosa bar is a delightful addition to any brunch gathering. It allows guests to customize their own refreshing cocktails by combining champagne with a variety of fruit juices. The key to a successful mimosa bar is having enough champagne to go around, without running out or wasting precious bubbles.

Guest Count Matters

The first step in determining how much champagne you’ll need is to consider the number of guests you’ll be hosting. Think about how many people will be attending your event and adjust the quantities accordingly. It’s better to have more than not enough, as mimosas tend to be a popular choice among brunch-goers.

For a small gathering of around 10-15 people, it’s generally safe to estimate that each guest will have about 2-3 mimosas. So, if you have 10 guests, you’ll want to plan for at least 20-30 mimosas in total. Keep in mind that some guests may prefer other drink options, so having a bit of extra champagne is always a good idea.

Glass Size and Fill Ratio

The next factor to consider is the size of the champagne glasses and the desired fill ratio. If you’re using traditional champagne flutes, which typically hold around 6 ounces, and you’re aiming for a 50/50 mix of champagne and juice, then each mimosa will require about 3 ounces of champagne.

However, if you’re using larger glasses or prefer a higher champagne to juice ratio, you may need more champagne per mimosa. In that case, it’s best to estimate around 4-5 ounces of champagne per serving.

Duration of Event

Another crucial aspect to consider is the duration of your event. If you’re hosting a short brunch that lasts about 2-3 hours, you can assume that each guest will have a maximum of 3-4 mimosas during that time frame. However, if your event is an all-day affair or extends into the afternoon, guests may have more mimosas over an extended period. Plan accordingly by increasing the amount of champagne you purchase.

Calculating the Amount of Champagne

Now, let’s put all the factors together to calculate the amount of champagne you’ll need for your mimosa bar. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Determine the number of guests attending your event.
  2. Multiply the number of guests by the estimated number of mimosas per person (2-3 mimosas per person is a good starting point).
  3. Multiply the result by the ounces of champagne per mimosa (3-5 ounces, depending on glass size and fill ratio).
  4. Adjust the quantity based on the duration of your event.

For example, if you’re hosting a brunch for 15 guests and expect each person to have an average of 2 mimosas, using 4 ounces of champagne per mimosa, the calculation would be:

(15 guests) x (2 mimosas per person) x (4 ounces of champagne) = 120 ounces of champagne

Tips for Buying Champagne

When purchasing champagne for your mimosa bar, keep in mind these helpful tips:

  • Consider buying champagne in bulk or by the case to save money.
  • Opt for affordable options, as champagne will be mixed with juice, and the nuances of expensive bottles may be lost.
  • Don’t forget to account for non-drinkers or those who prefer non-alcoholic options. Have some sparkling water or mocktail ingredients available as alternatives.


Planning a mimosa bar can be a fun and rewarding experience. By considering the number of guests, glass size, fill ratio, and duration of your event, you can confidently determine how much champagne you’ll need. Remember to personalize your mimosa bar with a variety of fruit juices and garnishes to create a vibrant and refreshing experience for your guests. Cheers to a successful mimosa bar!