How To Start A Wine Club

Creating a wine club is an excellent approach to unite wine lovers, discover different types of wine, and enhance your understanding of the wine world. As an individual who has been a member of a …

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Creating a wine club is an excellent approach to unite wine lovers, discover different types of wine, and enhance your understanding of the wine world. As an individual who has been a member of a wine club for a number of years, I can personally confirm the pleasure and friendship that comes with this venture. In this article, I will lead you through the steps of establishing your own wine club, imparting my personal experiences and perspectives throughout the process.

Step 1: Gather a Group of Wine Lovers

The first step in starting a wine club is to gather a group of like-minded wine lovers who share your passion for exploring different wines. Reach out to friends, family, and colleagues who appreciate wine and would be interested in joining the club. Aim for a diverse group with varying levels of wine knowledge, as this will enrich the discussions and learning experiences.

Step 2: Set a Meeting Schedule

Once you have your group assembled, it’s important to establish a regular meeting schedule. Consider meeting once a month or every two months, depending on everyone’s availability. This allows for a steady flow of new wines to be tasted and discussed, without overwhelming members’ schedules.

Step 3: Determine the Theme or Focus

Choosing a theme or focus for your wine club adds excitement and structure to the meetings. It could be as specific as exploring wines from a particular region or grape varietal, or as broad as tasting wines from different countries around the world. Discuss with your group and collectively decide on a theme that everyone finds intriguing.

Step 4: Select Wines for Each Meeting

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being in a wine club is the opportunity to taste and discover new wines. For each meeting, designate a member to select and bring a particular wine that aligns with the chosen theme. Encourage participants to choose wines that they personally enjoy or have been wanting to try, as it adds a personal touch to the experience.

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Step 5: Plan the Tasting Experience

A wine club meeting is not just about tasting wines, but also about learning and sharing knowledge. Encourage members to research and provide information about the wines they bring, including the winemaker, the region of origin, and any interesting anecdotes. This adds depth to the tasting experience and fosters engaging discussions among club members.

Step 6: Accompany the Wines with Food

No wine tasting is complete without some delicious food to accompany it. As the host or organizer of the wine club, take turns with other members to prepare or coordinate food pairings that complement the wines being tasted. Whether it’s a charcuterie board, cheese platter, or a homemade dish, the right food can enhance the overall tasting experience.

Step 7: Foster a Welcoming and Supportive Environment

One of the key elements of a successful wine club is creating a welcoming and supportive environment. Encourage open and respectful discussions, where members feel comfortable expressing their opinions and asking questions. Remember, the purpose of the club is to learn and enjoy together, so make sure everyone feels included and valued.


Starting a wine club is a delightful journey that allows you to expand your wine knowledge, explore new flavors, and build lasting friendships. By following these steps and infusing your own personal touches, you can create a wine club that brings joy and fulfillment to everyone involved. So raise a glass and embark on this exciting adventure!

John has been a hobbyist winemaker for several years, with a few friends who are winery owners. He writes mostly about winemaking topics for newer home vintners.
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