How To Use A Brewing Table In Minecraft

I’m excited to share my knowledge on how to use a brewing table in Minecraft, being an avid fan and player of the game. The art of brewing in Minecraft is not just fun but essential for thriving. With a brewing table, you’re equipped to concoct several potions that could aid in your adventures or simplify your journey through the blocky landscape.

Getting Started with Brewing

To begin your brewing journey, you’ll first need to gather the necessary materials. Here’s a quick checklist:

  1. Brewing Stand
  2. Blaze Powder
  3. Glass Bottles
  4. Water Source
  5. Ingredients for potions (such as Nether Wart, Ghast Tears, or Spider Eyes)

Once you have all the items on hand, it’s time to set up your brewing station. Place the brewing stand on the ground or any solid surface. Don’t worry about its placement because it can be moved later if needed.

Brewing Process Step-by-Step

1. Fill the Water Bottles:

Start by obtaining glass bottles and filling them with water. Right-click on a water source block with the empty glass bottles in your hand. Each water bottle can hold up to three uses.

2. Add Blaze Powder:

In order to power the brewing stand, you’ll need to add Blaze Powder to the fuel slot. Blaze Powder is obtained from Blaze Rods, which are dropped by Blazes in the Nether. Place the Blaze Powder in the fuel slot of the brewing stand by dragging it onto the stand or right-clicking with the powder in your hand.

3. Primary Ingredient:

The next step is to add the primary ingredient, which determines the base effect of the potion. The most common primary ingredient is the Nether Wart. Place the Nether Wart into one of the bottom three slots of the brewing stand. Wait for it to finish brewing. The water bottles will turn into Awkward Potions.

4. Secondary Ingredients:

Now it’s time to add the secondary ingredients to create custom potions. Different ingredients have different effects, so be sure to experiment and explore the Minecraft Wiki for the full list of available potions. Some ingredients can be brewed directly, while others may require additional steps.

5. Brewing Time:

Once you’ve added the necessary ingredients, the brewing process will begin. It takes time for the potions to brew, so be patient. You’ll see bubbles and a brewing progress bar on the brewing stand. Once the brewing process is complete, you’ll have your finished potions!

Experimenting and Enjoying the Fruits of Your Labor

Now that you know how to use a brewing table in Minecraft, it’s time to let your creativity shine. Try combining different ingredients to create powerful potions that will give you an edge in battles or help with resource gathering. Whether it’s Fire Resistance, Swiftness, or Healing potions, the possibilities are endless.

However, I must warn you to be mindful of the potential side effects of certain potions. Some potions can have negative consequences, such as Poison or Weakness. So, proceed with caution and always have a plan in case things don’t go as expected.


Using a brewing table in Minecraft is a rewarding experience that adds depth to the game. It allows you to create potions with various effects, enhancing your gameplay and survival skills. So, gather your materials, fire up the brewing stand, and start experimenting with different ingredients. Cheers to your brewing adventures!