best cherry wine kits

Best Cherry Wine Kits

Best Cherry Wine KitsCherries have a distinctive fruity character when turned into wine. Cherries can have two different flavors: sweet or sour. That means that the flavors of cherry wine can vary. The best cherry wine kits bring together that flavor into a delicious and fruity wine Think about sitting back and sipping on a glass of sweet, tart, and juicy cherry wine after a long day. We’ve put together some of the best cherry wine kits so that you can get started making some delicious, homemade cherry wine.

These kits contain all of the necessary ingredients to make cherry wine. You’ll get all of the additives and the fruit juice or concentrate. These kits come with easy to follow directions and some can produce great wine in as little as 4 weeks. If you don’t yet have the equipment to produce wine, be sure to check out the bottom of this post for some wine equipment kits. If you are new to winemaking take a look at our guide to making wine.

Also, be sure to check out our article on the best wine making kits to see other varietals.

Best Cherry Wine Kits: Island Mist Black Cherry Pinot Noir

Island Mist Black Cherry Pinot Noir is a flavorful black cherry wine kit that produces delicious wine in as little as 4 weeks. These kits are lighter and crisper than traditional table wine. They produce a wine with an alcohol content of 6.5%. To increase the alcohol level you would need to add extra sugar before fermentation.  The kit includes the natural black cherry flavoring and all of the additives needed to make the wine. The ingredients include yeast, bentonite, potassium metabisulfite, potassium sorbate, and a fining agent. This kit will produce 6 gallons of wine. This kit gets our pick for the best cherry wine kit.  Get the Island Mist Black Cherry Pinot Noir wine kit here.

Orchard Breezin’ Very Black Cherry – Best Cherry Wine Kits


The Orchard Breezin’ Very Black Cherry wine kit produces a sweet, ruby red pinot noir with flavors of fresh black cherries. This is an off-dry wine. Light and refreshing taste that goes great at any time of the year. This kit contains all of the flavoring and additives to produce 6 gallons of wine. Make 30 bottles of delicious wine for one low price. It’s ready to bottle in just 4 weeks. Get the Orchard Breezin’ Very Black Cherry wine kit here.

Niagara Mist Cherry Sangria

Niagra Mist wine kits are some of the highest quality wine kits on the market. This Cherry Sangria is bursting with juicy red cherries, tart pomegranate, and floral notes of cherry blossoms. This sangria goes perfect served over ice with fresh cherries on a hot summer day. This kit produces 6 gallons of wine or about 30 bottles. The wine kit includes the wine base, flavor pack, yeast pack, and fining agents. There are easy to follow instructions in this kit that will get your producing excellent wine in just 4 weeks. Get the Niagra Mist Cherry Sangria wine kit here.

Don’t forget – Wine Equipment Kits

In order to make any of the kits above you need a wine equipment kit. The kits above only include the fruit juice (or concentrate) flavoring and the necessary additives to make the wine. You’ll need at least a 6-gallon bucket, a 6-gallon glass carboy, a bung with an airlock, and a siphon. We’ve included some 6-gallon wine equipment kits below if you are looking to get started making wine. Learn how to make wine here.

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