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Wine and Fruit Press – The 4 Best Options

wine and fruit pressWhen you start to produce larger quantities of wine, or even if you’re just a small home producer, you are going to need to invest in a quality wine and fruit press. Many home winemakers are missing out on this key piece of equipment because they do not have a wine press at home. A press is very useful when you graduate from making boxed wine kits to using real fresh fruits. When using real fruit or grapes you do your primary fermentation with the crushed fruit and then press out the juice while transferring to your secondary container. You want to ferment with the fruit skins to extract the maximum amount of flavor, color, and even tannins. If you are new to winemaking check out our article on how to make wine at home.

It doesn’t matter what type of fruit you are using a press is a necessity. There are different types of presses that you can buy. A traditional press is usually a cylinder container with a threaded rod sticking out of the center. You fill this container with fruit and then turn the handle, which will then ratchet down a wood pressing plate onto the fruit. The other type of press is called a bladder press. In this type of press, there is still a cylindrical container but the is a cylinder-shaped rubber bladder in the middle of the press instead of the rod. You load the press up with your fruit pulp and then simply attach a garden hose and let the bladder fill up with water. This presses the juiced out of the pulp and into your collection container.

You need a fruit press to extract the maximum amount of juice from your fruits. Whether you go for a traditional press or a bladder style press is up to you. We’ve put together a list of some of the best grape and fruit presses you will find.

The Best Bladder Press

EJWOX Hydropress Fruit and Wine Press

  • Simply load your crushed apples, grapes, or berries into this press and turn on your water.
  • All you do is watch the bladder fill up with water and your sweet juices start to flow. No manual labor is required for this fruit press.
  • Water pressure expands the hydro-core bag and presses all of the juice out of your pulp.
  • This press is brilliantly simple to own and operate.
  • Attach a basic garden hose and you have a hydraulic press that mimics professional wineries.
  • No electricity or muscle strength requires.

The Best Traditional Fruit Press

best traditional fruit press

  • You won’t find wood on this press. 304-grade stainless steel with an exclusive telescoping design. This is one of the most thoughtfully designed traditional fruit presses on the market.
  • We took the traditional design that has been around for hundreds of years and added modern ingenuity.
  • You can easily slide this cylinder in and out of the press frame for cleaning or adding fruit.
  • Very, very durable build quality that will ensure a long-lasting life.
  • Easy clean up with just a garden hose.
  • Enjoy years of cider, wine, and juice-making in your own home or backyard!
  • Weighs only 36 pounds.

Montimax Fruit Press

Montimax fruit press

  • Press every last drop of juice out of your pulp with this fruit press.
  • Made of food-grade steel with a stainless steel basket and a pressing plate.
  • Press all fruits including grapes and apples. You can even press cheese with this machine.
  • Features a new larger-diameter pressing plate that ensures you won’t miss a drop.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed with our no-hassle return policy. No questions asked.

Weston Juice and Cider Press

Weston Juice and Cider Press

  • Press apples, grapes, pears, and other fruit into juice, cider, or wine
  • This authentic fruit and wine press will have you enjoying all the fruits of the season year round.
  • Has a 15-liter capacity which allows for approximately 3 gallons of juice yield.
  • Features an enameled steel base to fend of rust and a hardwood constructed basket. It’s easy to put together and operate.
  • The spout at the bottom of the machine makes it easy to direct the juice into your container.
  • Legs can be bolted down for extra leverage