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Manual Grape and Fruit Crushers – The 4 Best Options

When you get into winemaking with real fruit you will have to start to invest in more equipment like manual grape and fruit crushers. Crushing fruit is very important in the winemaking process because it allows the maximum amount of juice to be extracted. This is why you would see those old-time pictures of someone stepping on grapes, to release the juices and get the wine flowing. Crushing is the first step that turns the fruit into delicious and shelf-stable wine. As grape skins are broken by the crusher the sweet juice comes into contact with the grape skins allowing the flavor, colors, and tannins to be absorbed into the juice. This is crucial for fine wines. Skin contact time is essential for red wine and other fruit-based wines. We’ve put together a list of some of the best manual grape and fruit crushers available online.

The Best Manual Fruit Crusher

Manual Grape and Fruit Crushers

  • Features heavy-duty cutting blades that are made from stainless steel. Other presses are painted and can eventually chip into the crushed fruit. Not this unit. Only the highest quality food grade materials have been used. Will not corrode like some other units
  • It’s designed to be ergonomic. Crushes large amounts of fruit at one time and is incredibly easy to set up and operate. You can simply set this unit on top of a bucket and crush away.
  • This is an industrial quality manual crusher. Designed for heavy-duty use, unlike some other home fruit crushers. It’s an easy to use machine with no motor or wires to worry about. Simply turn the handle and watch the blades go in motion.
  • This crusher will save you incredible amounts of time. The 7-liter hopper allows you to load a lot of fruit at once. Quickly chop through bushels of apples, pears, grapes, and peaches in no time.
  • Features a lifetime guarantee. If you are not satisfied they offer a simple hassle-free return policy. No questions asked.
  • Simply one of the best manual fruit crushers on the market.

Weston Apple and Fruit Crusher

Weston Apple and Fruit Crushe

  • This machine is an essential piece of equipment for prepping fruit such as grapes, apples, pears, peaches, and pineapples.
  • Simple place this crusher above your wine press or bucket and load it with fruit. Spin the handle and this machine will drop the perfect fruit pulp into your container.
  • Make large quantities of crushed fruit quickly with the long, easy to turn handle.
  • It features a heavy-duty cast iron construction with a stainless steel chute and hardware, wood drum, and stainless steel crushing blades.
  • Can also be fixed mounted.
  • An additional wooden hopper is available for easier loading.
  • This heavy duty tool works well for making as little as 5 gallons or as many as 50 gallons of juice for wine & cider

ECO-WORTHY 7 Litre Stainless Steel Fruit Crusher

ECO-WORTHY 7 Litre Stainless Steel Fruit Crusher

  • This fruit crusher will crush to a perfect consistency. Crush fruits such as berries, plums, pears, apples, or grapes. Extract the juice faster.
  • It has a large stainless steel hopper that can hold up to 7 liters at a time. That’s a lot of fruit. Mash your fruit in minutes.
  • Using this fruit crushing machine couldn’t be easier. Simply turn the handle and watch the internal blades go to work.
  • This machine is easy to transport and can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • The side supports make it easy to sit on top of your container.
  • No wires or motors, use manual handle turns the internal blades, easy to turn handle and make crushing large quantities of fruits. The press incredibly easy to set up and use

Beechwood Wine Crusher

Beechwood Wine Crusher

  • This fruit crusher features a sturdy and durable wooden hopper with stainless steel teeth on a wooden frame.
  • Can be mounted or placed directly over your catching container.
  • Designed to withstand years of use.
  • Crush up to 7 liters of fruit at a time. This is a big hopper that will speed up your crushing job.
  • It’s a multipurpose crusher that can tackles everything from apples and pears to berries and grapes.
  • It’s light and portable with no motors or wires to worry about. ‘
  • Easy to clean with just water.

Other Great Manual Fruit and Grape Crushers

Check out some other fruit crusher that we found.

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