Is Athletic Brewing Company Publicly Traded

Yes, Athletic Brewing Company is a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol ABV. As an expert in the wine and beverage industry, I have been following the rise of non-alcoholic beer brands and the …

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Yes, Athletic Brewing Company is a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol ABV. As an expert in the wine and beverage industry, I have been following the rise of non-alcoholic beer brands and the impact they have made in the market. Athletic Brewing Company is at the forefront of this movement, offering a range of delicious non-alcoholic craft beers that appeal to a wide audience, including health-conscious individuals and those looking for alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages.

Overview of Athletic Brewing Company

Founded in 2017 by Bill Shufelt and John Walker, Athletic Brewing Company has rapidly gained attention and popularity for its commitment to brewing high-quality non-alcoholic beers. The company is dedicated to providing an alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages without compromising on taste or quality. Their range of offerings includes a variety of styles such as IPAs, stouts, and lagers, all crafted to deliver the full flavor experience without the alcohol content.

What sets Athletic Brewing Company apart is their focus on creating products that cater to the modern consumer’s desire for healthier options without sacrificing enjoyment. The company’s emphasis on quality ingredients and innovative brewing techniques has resonated with consumers, leading to widespread recognition and success in the market.

Public Trading and Financial Performance

As of my latest research, Athletic Brewing Company is indeed publicly traded, providing investors with the opportunity to participate in the growing non-alcoholic beverage sector. The company’s stock performance reflects the increasing demand for non-alcoholic beers and the potential for expansion in this market.

It’s fascinating to see how the company’s financial performance aligns with the shifting consumer preferences towards healthier lifestyles and mindful drinking. Investing in a company like Athletic Brewing Company not only offers potential financial returns but also reflects a belief in the positive impact of their products on the beverage industry.

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My Personal Take

As someone deeply entrenched in the world of fine beverages, I find the emergence of companies like Athletic Brewing Company to be both exciting and impactful. The rise of non-alcoholic beer options reflects a broader trend towards mindful consumption and a growing appreciation for craft brewing techniques.

Having tasted Athletic Brewing Company’s offerings myself, I can attest to the fact that they have successfully captured the essence of traditional beer styles while providing a guilt-free option for those seeking a healthier alternative. The fact that they are publicly traded opens up intriguing possibilities for investors who are interested in supporting this positive shift in the industry.

Looking Ahead

With the increasing consumer interest in non-alcoholic beverages and the solid foundation Athletic Brewing Company has built, it will be intriguing to monitor their future developments as a publicly traded company. Their dedication to quality and innovation positions them well for continued growth and influence in the market.

As the non-alcoholic beverage sector continues to expand, companies like Athletic Brewing Company have the potential to shape the industry landscape and appeal to a broader audience. Their presence in the public trading arena adds an exciting dimension to their journey, inviting both investors and consumers to be part of the movement towards healthier, yet still enjoyable, beverage options.


In conclusion, the public trading of Athletic Brewing Company signifies a significant milestone in the company’s evolution and the broader non-alcoholic beverage industry. It underscores the growing interest and investment potential in this sector, while also reflecting the positive impact of non-alcoholic alternatives on consumer habits and preferences. As someone who appreciates the art of brewing and the evolving beverage landscape, I am keen to witness the continued success and influence of companies like Athletic Brewing Company.

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