The Best Wall Wine Racks

Wine enthusiasts are often looking for ways to show off their wine collection and spice up their living space a little bit. That’s why we’re featuring a post with the best wall wine racks today. These cool wine racks are sure to add some flavor while displaying your favorite flavors of wine. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the coolest wall-mounted wine racks available. Buy one of these unique wine racks for you or for that wine enthusiast friend or family member. These make a great unique gift idea.

Barrel Stave Wall Wine Rack

barrel stave wall wine rackWhat is cooler than displaying your using part of the barrels that wine was made in? Thes cool wall mounted wine racks are made to look like the wine barrel that your favorite wine was aged in. Some of these are. repurposed from actual used wine barrels. The ones pictured to the left are made from real wine barrels. They even contain stamping from the winery so you can prove the authenticity. That also means that no two are exactly the same. You can get these wine wall racks in several different colors and styles. A barrel stave wall wine rack is sure to be a hit at your next wine-sipping party.

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Horizontal Wine Rack Shelf

horizontal wall wine mountThere are a lot of options when it comes to shelf style wine racks for your walls. We will take a look at the wall wine racks that are mounted to the wall horizontally. So your wine bottles will actually site up vertically in most of these wine racks. You can get these in tons of different configurations and made of many different materials. You will find these in metal, wood, and plastic with various finishes. Some of the racks will also hold your wine glasses for some extra flare. Take a look at some of the best horizontal shelf style wall wine racks below.

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Verticle Wine Rack

verticle wall wine rackA verticle style wall wine rack mounts to your wall and displays your bottles in a horizontal way. These wine racks are a cool way to display your favorite bottles of wine. You can get them in a variety of styles and finishes from rustic to sleek and modern. Made of solid wood, metal or even plastic, these wine racks are high quality and sure to put the finishing touches on any room. These look great when mounted to the wall. The hardest part is keeping them stocked up because you drink all of the delicious wine!

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Other Unique Wall Mounted Wine Racks

unique wall wine rackThere are all kinds of other unique wine racks out there. Take a look at the exampled on the left here. This is a cool new way to display your wine bottles. The bottles can be mounted upsidedown and in various arrangements. There are other options such as geometric shaped wine wall racks or racks that display your wine in a variety of patterns. Take a look at some of the unique wall wine racks we found below.

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Now that you have a cool way to display all of the wine you have in your collection you might want to think about making your own wine. to add to the collection. Check out our post here on how to make wine.