What Red Wine Goes With Ham

In the realm of pairing red wine with ham, numerous selections exist to elevate the taste and facilitate an enjoyable mealtime. As a connoisseur of wine, I have explored various combinations and discovered several preferred matches that I’m excited to present to you.

First and foremost, it is important to consider the type of ham you are serving. There are different varieties, such as smoked ham, honey-glazed ham, or even prosciutto. Each type has its own unique flavors and textures, and the choice of wine should complement these characteristics.

Pairing Smoked Ham with Pinot Noir

For smoked ham, I highly recommend pairing it with a good Pinot Noir. The smoky flavors of the ham harmonize beautifully with the fruity and earthy notes of the wine. The light to medium body of the Pinot Noir allows the ham to shine without overpowering it. One of my personal favorites is the Example Winery Pinot Noir with its delicate cherry and raspberry flavors, and a hint of spice.

Exploring Syrah with Honey-Glazed Ham

When it comes to honey-glazed ham, a Syrah can be an excellent choice. The sweetness of the glaze pairs wonderfully with the bold and robust flavors of the Syrah. The wine’s peppery and black fruit notes complement the rich and caramelized flavors of the ham. I highly recommend the Example Winery Syrah, with its velvety texture and layers of blackberry, plum, and smoky oak.

Indulging in Prosciutto with Sangiovese

If you are serving prosciutto, a classic Italian cured ham, a Sangiovese wine is a fantastic choice. Sangiovese, with its bright acidity and cherry flavors, is a versatile wine that pairs wonderfully with the salty and delicate flavors of prosciutto. The Example Winery Sangiovese offers an excellent balance of fruit and earthiness, making it a perfect match for prosciutto.

Remember, these are just my personal recommendations, and wine pairing can be subjective. It’s always worth experimenting and finding your own perfect pairing. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations and trust your palate!


Pairing red wine with ham can elevate your dining experience and create a beautiful harmony of flavors. Whether you choose a Pinot Noir for smoked ham, a Syrah for honey-glazed ham, or a Sangiovese for prosciutto, the key is to find a wine that complements and enhances the unique flavors of the ham. Cheers to delicious pairings and happy dining!