How To Take Cork Out Of Wine Without Corkscrew

Have you ever found yourself wanting to enjoy a bottle of wine, only to discover you lack a corkscrew? Worry not, for I have found myself in this predicament too. This piece will reveal some …

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to enjoy a bottle of wine, only to discover you lack a corkscrew? Worry not, for I have found myself in this predicament too. This piece will reveal some creative and unconventional ways to extract a cork from a wine bottle sans corkscrew. While these methods might not be as seamless as using a corkscrew, they’ll do the trick when you’re in a pinch!

The Push and Twist Method

This is a classic method that many wine enthusiasts swear by. All you need is a sturdy, flat object like a shoe, a countertop, or even a book. Hold the bottle firmly and place the bottom of it against the solid surface. Make sure to have a good grip on the neck of the bottle with one hand.

Now, using your other hand, start pushing the cork down into the bottle while twisting the bottle in a circular motion. The pressure and friction against the solid surface will gradually push the cork out. Be patient and keep twisting until the cork pops out. It might take a few tries, but with some practice, you’ll become a pro at this method.

The Key Method

If you have a key handy, this method can save the day. The key should have a thick, sturdy handle. Hold the wine bottle firmly and insert the key diagonally into the cork, making sure it goes in about three-quarters of the way.

Once the key is securely in the cork, hold the bottle with one hand and use the other hand to grip the key handle. Use the key as a lever, applying gentle and steady pressure to lift the cork out of the bottle. You may need to wiggle and twist the key slightly to loosen the cork before pulling it out completely.

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The Pump Method

If you have a vacuum pump with a stopper, you’re in luck. This method works by creating a vacuum inside the bottle, which gradually pulls the cork out. Insert the stopper into the bottle, ensuring it forms a tight seal.

Next, use the pump to remove the air from the bottle. As you pump, you’ll feel the pressure building inside. Keep pumping until the cork starts to move and eventually pops out. This method requires a bit more equipment, but it’s worth having a vacuum pump on hand for situations like these.

The Plunger Method

If you happen to have a plunger in your home, you can use it to extract the cork. Begin by removing the rubber part of the plunger so that only the wooden handle remains.

Hold the wine bottle upright and firmly press the wooden handle of the plunger against the cork. Apply steady, downward pressure, and twist the bottle in a circular motion. The combination of pressure and twisting should dislodge the cork from the bottle. Once the cork starts to move, continue twisting until it comes out completely.


While having a corkscrew is the most convenient way to open a bottle of wine, sometimes we find ourselves without one. In those moments, don’t panic! These alternative methods can help you enjoy your wine without the need for a corkscrew. Just remember to be patient and use caution when trying these techniques.

Next time you find yourself in a corkscrew-less situation, give one of these methods a try. Who knows, you might impress your friends with your resourcefulness. Cheers to enjoying wine, no matter the circumstances!

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John has been a hobbyist winemaker for several years, with a few friends who are winery owners. He writes mostly about winemaking topics for newer home vintners.
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