Mulled Wine Kit Essentials: Your Guide to the Perfect Spiced Beverage

Mulled wine is a warm beverage enjoyed throughout various cultures, especially prominent during the colder months and holiday season. It is traditionally made with red wine, sweetened and spiced with various ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, …

Mulled Wine Kit
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Mulled wine is a warm beverage enjoyed throughout various cultures, especially prominent during the colder months and holiday season. It is traditionally made with red wine, sweetened and spiced with various ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, and orange zest. Enjoying this classic drink can be simplified with a mulled wine kit, which provides all the necessary components to create this heartwarming concoction at home.

A mulled wine kit typically includes a mix of dried spices and flavorings along with a recipe, making it accessible for anyone to create a professional-tasting mulled wine. Some kits may also come with additional tools such as a strainer or mulling ball to infuse the spices into the wine. It’s an excellent gift for wine enthusiasts or a delightful treat to have on hand for winter entertaining.

When purchasing a mulled wine kit, the freshness and quality of the spices are paramount, as they significantly impact the final taste of the wine. Opting for kits with organically sourced and non-irradiated spices can help ensure the best flavor profile. Equally important is the compatibility of the spice mix with the type of wine you intend to use. We’ve spent a significant amount of time comparing various mulled wine kits considering factors like the variety of spices, ease of use, and potential for customization to help you enrich your cold evenings with a delicious mug of mulled wine.

Top Mulled Wine Kits

We carefully selected the best mulled wine kits for those chilly evenings when only a warm, spiced drink will do. Each kit in our lineup promises a perfect blend of flavor and aroma, ensuring your mulled wine experience is both effortless and exquisite.

Soeos Mulled Wine Spice Kit

Soeos Mulled Wine Spice Kit

We think the Soeos Mulled Wine Spice Kit is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to effortlessly enhance their beverages with rich, seasonal flavors.


  • Easy to use and adds a perfect spice blend to multiple beverages
  • The aroma and flavor depth it brings to drinks is authentic and comforting
  • Versatile for both holiday gatherings and personal use, making it an excellent gift


  • Requires additional preparation with a strainer or tea bag for optimal use
  • Quantity might be limited for those looking to make larger batches
  • A specific kit for newcomers to mulled wine creation with separated ingredients would be beneficial

The moment you open the Soeos Spice Kit, the potent and inviting scents of the spices assert themselves, evoking the cozy atmosphere of winter festivities. Cinnamon, star anise, and cloves harmonize to promise a richly spiced beverage. Star anise isn’t just a spice in this mix; it’s the star, offering a licorice note that distinguishes your mulled wine from all others.

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As we tried the blend with different drinks, we appreciated the versatility it presented. Whether steeping the spices in apple cider for a non-alcoholic treat or simmering them in red wine for a traditional mulled concoction, each sip was a celebration of flavor. Being a hit at our holiday party, friends raved about the unique taste and warmth each mug delivered.

We’ve found that for a seamless mulled wine experience, investing in a fine strainer or reusable tea bags is a must. This minor preparation prevents bits of spices from swimming in your cup. Instead, what remains is a pristine and inviting beverage, brimming with essence and ready to soothe, warmth, and ignite the festive spirit in us all.

Craftly Mulled Wine Kit

Craftly Mulled Wine Kit

We think this mulled wine kit from Craftly is a must-have for anyone looking to create cozy, spiced wine experiences at home.


  • Offers a wide variety of spices for customized blends
  • Includes global recipes for a taste adventure
  • The kit is vegan and climate neutral for conscious consumption


  • Only one batch size, which may limit larger gatherings
  • Requires your own wine, adding an extra step
  • Specialized kit not useful for non-wine drinkers

Gathering friends and family for a warming glass of mulled wine has never been more delightful. With the Craftly Mulled Wine Kit, we savored the ability to mix and match spices, giving a personalized touch to every sip. Cinnamon, anise, and the tangy zest of orange peel transformed our red wine into a festive treat that warmed us from the inside out.

Our evening was also an educational one, learning about traditional recipes such as German Glühwein and Swedish Gløgg. Crafting our concoctions, we appreciated the quality of the hand-selected, additive-free spices. What made it more fulfilling was knowing that our indulgence was environmentally friendly – the entire kit is climate neutral.

We understand that a specialized kit like this won’t appeal to everyone. If you’re not a wine enthusiast, its allure might be lost on you. And if you’re planning to host a large holiday gathering, the single batch size could be a slight inconvenience. Still, for those of us who relish in the ritual and relish of festive spirits, this mulled wine kit by Craftly has been a genuine pleasure to use and has added a dash of cheer to our cold winter evenings.

Drink Botanicals Cozy Mulled Wine Kit

Drink Botanicals Mulled Wine Kit

With its authentic and fine ingredients, this kit effortlessly enhances your winter evenings but consider the strength of the spices.


  • Simple brewing process using the included muslin bag
  • Allows customizable sweetness to personal preferences
  • Made from all-natural, quality ingredients for a rich taste


  • The intensity of Star Anise may overpower for some
  • May not include the expected dried oranges for visual appeal
  • Non-returnable with potential packaging issues

Savoring a glass of mulled wine becomes a delightful affair with this kit from Drink Botanicals Ireland. We’ve found the preparation to be as simple as it gets. By following the provided instructions, we transformed a regular bottle of red into a festive treat, with the muslin bag ensuring a tidy process – no bits and pieces floating in our glasses!

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Customizing the sweetness of the mulled wine to our liking was a breeze. Without being restricted by added sugars in the mix, we added just enough sweetness to hit the right note, catering to everyone’s taste around the table.

The natural ingredients truly set this kit apart. Each sip holds a complexity of flavors that deeply resonate with the spirit of the holidays. However, it’s worth noting that the aroma and taste of Star Anise are quite pronounced, which, for us, was appealing, though it may not suit everyone’s palate.

Experiencing the actual content of the package, we did have a mild letdown. Despite the images showing luscious dried orange slices, our set fell short in this aspect, which dented the visual anticipation of the drink. Moreover, handling care is required since a few users encountered a split bag upon arrival, and returning isn’t an option. But overall, the premium spices prevailed, and the warmth of the drink enveloped our senses, making it a worthy addition to our winter traditions.

Soeos Mulled Wine Magic

Soeos Spice Kit

We believe the Soeos Mulled Wine Spice Kit is a must-have for creating rich and aromatic mulled beverages that warm up those chilly evenings.


  • Elevates drinks with a festive spice blend
  • Can be used with a variety of beverages
  • Ideal for making thoughtful and flavorful gifts


  • Spices might be too potent for some tastes
  • Requires additional steps like straining
  • Only contains spices, not the full drink ingredients

Bringing a cozy comfort to our home, the Soeos Mulled Wine Spice Kit captured our senses with its aromatic blend. Preparing mulled wine with this kit was effortless—just a simmer away from a festive treat. We were impressed by the freshness of the spices, noticing the quality with each sip.

Not limited to wine, we experimented with apple cider and even added a pinch to our tea, delighted by the versatility. The cinnamon was the standout note, complementing the other spices and making each drink feel like a holiday celebration.

We appreciated that it could double as a charming gift. Packing a few spices with a bottle of wine or cider, we’ve already delighted a few friends. While using the spices is straightforward, we suggest a tea infuser or cheesecloth to avoid stray bits in your drink.

Despite the robust flavors, the intensity of the spices might not appeal to everyone. We recommend starting with a smaller amount and adjusting to taste. Another minor inconvenience is the lack of ingredients to make a full mulled beverage; newcomers might expect an all-inclusive kit.

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Overall, the Soeos Spice Kit adds genuine pleasure to our winter rituals, and we’re confident it will become a staple in our pantry for seasons to come.

Cozy Village Mulling Spice

Cozy Village Mulling Spice

We think this mulling blend is perfect for those who cherish the heartwarming aromas and flavors of the holidays any time of the year.


  • Authentic spice flavors that enhance a variety of beverages
  • Freshness preserved with resealable packaging
  • Flexible in usage – great for drinks and as a potpourri


  • Some found the spice blend slightly dusty
  • The quality of the cloves may not meet everyone’s standards
  • Packaging might not reflect the contents accurately

We’ve just made a batch of mulled wine with Spices Village Mulling Spice, and the inviting aroma has us feeling festive despite the chill outside. Each sip is a comforting hug of traditional holiday spices that dances on the palate, making it a staple in our winter entertaining arsenal. The blend worked wonderfully, with no single spice overpowering the others – a harmonious quartet of nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, and cloves.

Our guests couldn’t help but comment on how the spices transformed ordinary red wine into a warm, aromatic delight. As an added bonus, we sprinkled the blend into a simmer pot and found that it filled our space with a delightful fragrance, doubling as a natural and chemical-free air freshener.

We must note, however, that while our experience was largely positive, some of the finer details—such as the quality of the cloves when examined closely—left a bit to be desired. And although the pack is resealable, ensuring the spices stay fresh for longer, some users might discover a slight difference between the presented images and the actual product. It seems the magic truly lies in the mulling process itself, which thankfully, this kit accomplishes with ease.

Buying Guide

Key Ingredients

When choosing a mulled wine kit, it’s essential to consider the variety and quality of ingredients included. Look for kits containing:

  • Whole spices: Cinnamon, cloves, star anise, and cardamom are desirable.
  • Dried fruits: Orange peel, lemon zest, or dried berries can enhance the flavor.
  • Quality: The freshness of the ingredients can greatly affect the taste of your mulled wine.

Ease of Use

Some kits are more user-friendly than others.

  • Instructions: Clear and simple directions ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Preparation time: Consider how long the kit takes to prepare and if it matches your needs.


Sustainable and convenient packaging is a plus.

  • Eco-friendly: Recyclable or biodegradable materials are preferable.
  • Storage: Proper packaging protects the ingredients from moisture and preserves freshness.


A good mulled wine kit should be adaptable to different recipes and preferences.

  • Adjustability: Option to tweak the intensity of flavors.
  • Alcohol choice: The ability to pair with various types of wine.
CriteriaDetails to Consider
IngredientsWhole spices, dried fruits, quality
Ease of UseInstructions, preparation time
PackagingEco-friendly, protective storage
VersatilityAdjustability, alcohol pairing choice

Selecting a mulled wine kit requires attention to these details to ensure the desired flavor and quality.

John has been a hobbyist winemaker for several years, with a few friends who are winery owners. He writes mostly about winemaking topics for newer home vintners.
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