easy plum wine recipe

Easy Plum Wine Recipe

plum wine recipePlum wine is not very often mention by wine experts but we think it’s a delicious wine that can be had in any season. Those rich and juicy flavors of ripe plums just soak your tongue. This Plum Wine Recipe is to die for. This is usually a very sweet wine that goes well with desserts or Asian cuisine. This is one of the most flavorful wines that you can make at home. If this is your first time don’t worry. It’s not really that difficult to create wine at home anyway. Many plum wine recipes are pretty complex but we’ve put together an easy plum wine recipe that anyone can follow.

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Easy Plum Wine Recipe

To make 5 gallons:

  1. Sanitize all equipment.
  2. Crush the plums and remove the stones. Place the plums in the fermentation container.
  3. Put the sugar, yeast nutrient, pectic enzyme liquid, grape tannin, acid blend, and enough warm water to make 5 gallons (19 L) on top of the plums in the fermentation container. Stir well to dissolve the sugar.
  4. When the must cools to 70°F (21°C), add the yeast and cover the container loosely with a sheet of plastic.
  5. Allow the must to ferment for 5 or 6 days, or until the specific gravity reaches 1.040, then strain out the fruit pulp and press.
  6. Place 2½ crushed Campden tablets or ¼ teaspoon (1.4 g) of potassium metabisulfite powder into a sanitized 5-gallon (19 L) glass carboy and siphon the new wine into it. Top off with water and seal with an air lock.
  7. Let the wine settle for a month, then rack again following the same procedure as in step 6.
  8. Rack again in 3 months and make adjustments as needed.
  9. Let the wine sit another month, then bottle.
  10. Wait for 3 months before tasting the wine.

The ingredients listed above can be adjusted to one gallon by dividing everything by 5.

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