rhubarb wine recipe

Rhubarb Wine Recipe

Rhubarb Wine RecipeTry our rhubarb wine recipe today and make some unique wine at home. This wine can be very pleasant if made correctly. It usually pairs well with thai food, anything with curry, or cajun spices. It also goes very well with cheeses such as blue cheese. Try this wine on the rocks or mix it as a spritzer. Check out the rhubarb wine recipe below.

Rhubarb Wine Recipe

Ingredients for our rhubarb wine recipe:

Instructions for our rhubarb wine recipe:

  1. Sanitize all equipment.
  2. Wash the rhubarb stalks and dice into tiny pieces. Put the rhubarb into the primary fermentor.
  3. Pour the sugar over the rhubarb, cover the container, and let stand for 1 day.
  4. Add the raisins, yeast nutrient, pectic enzyme, grape tannin, honey, the 5 Campden tablets (crushed) or ½ teaspoon (3.1 g) of potassium metabisulfite powder, and enough warm water to make 5 gallons (19 L), then sprinkle the yeast into the container.
  5. Let the ingredients ferment for 2 days. Strain out the juice from the pulp, removing as much juice as possible. Let the liquid sit for 3 or 4 days, then siphon the wine into a sanitized 5-gallon (19 L) glass carboy. Attach the fermentation lock.
  6. Rack again in a month and top off with water.
  7. Rack again in 3 months. When the wine is clear, bottle it.
  8. Taste in 6 months.

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