tomato wine recipe

Tomato Wine Recipe

tomato wine recipeOur tomato wine recipe may surprise you. Even some of the most experienced wine drinkers won’t be able to tell you made this wine from tomatoes instead of grapes. It’s extremely difficult to identify that this comes from tomatoes. It’s got a clean and crisp taste that is appealing. The wine is nicely balanced and finishes well. Tomato wine can be enjoyed within 3 months and is better if consumed while young. Aging doesn’t really help tomato wine. It complements a wide variety of foods, including summer salads, cold soups, and tomato-filled quiche dishes. Check out our tomato wine recipe below. Learn more about how to make wine here.

Tomato Wine Recipe

Ingredients for our tomato wine recipe:

Instructions for our tomato wine recipe:

  1. Sanitize all equipment.
  2. Wash tomatoes. Cut into small pieces and discard bruised portions.
  3. Place tomato pieces into a cheesecloth or nylon straining bag. Mash and squeeze the bag over a 6-gallon (27 L) open-top fermentation container. When all juice has been extracted, tie the top of the bag — with tomato pulp inside — and place in the fermenation container.
  4. Put the raisins, water, sugar, grape tannin, acid blend, and yeast nutrient in the fermentation container. Let the ingredients rest for 24 hours, then sprinkle yeast into fermentation container and stir. Cover container loosely with a sheet of plastic.
  5. Stir the must and press the bag of pulp daily to assist the extraction of ingredients. Take specific gravity reading daily.
  6. Allow the must to ferment for 3 to 5 days, or until specific gravity reaches 1.040, then press the fruit pulp into the fermentation container.
  7. Place 2½ crushed Campden tablets or ¼ teaspoon (1.4 g) of potassium metabisulfite powder into a sanitized 5-gallon (19 L) glass carboy and siphon the new wine into it. Top off with water, if necessary, and seal with an airlock.
  8. Let the wine settle for about 3 weeks (or until the specific gravity reaches 1.000 or lower), then rack again following the same procedure in step 7.
  9. Let the wine sit another month until clear, then bottle. Wait for 3 months before tasting the wine.

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